"Al Iffriquiyah al Azraq"

L'Empire Commercial d'Africablue

par Philippe Bondurand

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The Commercial Empire of Africablue

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History : Africablue is the common name of Al Iffriquiyah al Azraq. We are a very old empire based on commercial bounds long established betxeen nomad trading tribes, master of caravans and the city merchants of the coast. This trading net was established according to legends by a named Louis-Etienne Durand, who came from the North. Mounir-Philippe Durand, the second of the name (Mounir II) is present emperor.

Africablue is member of La Sainte Alliance :

The population is a mixture of dark skinned peasant and sedentary traders from the coast of ocean and of the Great Elephant river for 60% and of light skinned horse and camel nomads. All are named Azraqians.

Flags : For years, the flag was simple plain africablue. Then a crescent and a cross were added to represent growing muslim and christian communities. Recently a canton of Maurétanie has been added to represent close ties with this country.

Africablue 200 years ago Africablue 2 years ago Africablue today

Armes :Shield of Africablue, 7-armed silver star, for the 7 Tribes that united in the first empire.

National badge : The white star, it is used also as a roundel for aircrafts

Military : The military system is well suited for the protection of caravans in the desert and guerilla warfare but may be a bit out of date for modern conflicts. The treaty with Mauretania allows for rapid changes in that field and modernization of a small nucleus of Azraqian army.

Religion : There are three main religions (protestants, muslims and animists) but all the other religions are accepted including the heretical sects from the four main ones as long as they accept the four "Rules of God"

- No aggressivity against any other religion,

- No aggressive recruitment or proselytism,

- No aggression against the moral rules of the majority of belivers from all the religions

- No civil disorder

The Emperor enforces this rules. Customarily, the Emperor is Protestant and his spouse animist. Prime minister is Muslim.

Muslims are often found amongst the nomads, Animists amongst the sedentarians.

International : Prime Minister Jacques Vincent, from Maurétanie is entitled by treaty to represent the Emperor and the people of Africablue in all international matters.

Population : The total population of Africablue numbers now a little more then 8 million people, most of them on the coastal regions.

Parliament : The Parliament hosts two chambers.

-The Chamber of Commerce

Rules the economy.

- The National Assembly

Subdivisions : Africablue is subdivided in Tribes, Clans and Families. These subdivisions acts exactly as territorial divisions does in other countries, but due to the essential nomadic way of life in Africablue is based upon descent. However, a recent trend allows people to refer themselves to the "Family" they wish, just as on other countries you can move from a region to another.

Ecus des Régions

Ecus des Unités militaires


Elections : Every four years, elections are held, at each level.

- National to elect representatives to the National Assembly, which in its turn elect the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister can only be fired by a vote naming a new prime minister. This is to avoid long periods without government like it occured before this law.

- Tribal to elect the Counsel of the Tribe, which choose the King of the Tribe. (The Emperor being king of the kings)

- Clanic, to elect the counsel of the Clan, which choose the Chief of the Clan.

- The counsel of the family is the gathering of all the adult members of the family. The smallest families gathers some dozens of adults, the largest now needs a soccer stadium to host its gathering.

Type of Economy : Totally liberal. A strong social pressure on Charity as a religious obligation helps in limiting the effects of the market. A rich man who does not practice charity is blackmarked and his business may very well sink. All shares of societies must be in human hands, not in other societies. Agriculture is limited on the coasts and near the river as the interior is steppic or desertic. Azraquians (people of Africablue) are reknowned for their commercial ability. The country acts as a link between Mauretania and Kallistheia and earns a lot of Money from this.

La compagnie ZTAB assure les liaisons aériennes à l'intérieur de l'Africablue.

Languages : Dioula for the Sedentaries, Patahouète for the nomads.

Money : 1 Défense = 100 Bananes (1Défense = 14.7 Dinars Maurétaniens)

National Anthem : Tembo Erabe Iffriquiyah (The Big elephant is the shield of Africablue)

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National prefered sports : Soccer, Boxing, Rugby, Swimming

National Sports teams kit : "Africablue" shirt, White shorts, white sox.

Poste Prénom Nom statut
0 Coach Georges Harbouche  
1 G Mohamed Baruwa Bon
2 D Taribo Ndlanya  
3 D Isaac Bayamba  
4 D Sami Ngobe Bon
5 D Ibrahim Mboma  
6 M Mark Tchango  
7 M Mark Iroha  
8 M Tijani Gueye  
9 M Sizwe Moeti  
10 A Mobi Ohenhen  
11 A Rigobert Anderson Bon
12 D Mutiu Arendse  
13 D Skander Hassan  
14 D Joseph Simo  
15 D Andrew Etchi  
16 G Hussein Saidou  
17 M Abdullah Mimboe  
18 M Fahd Oben  
19 M Jean Ongandzi  
20 A André Zoalang  
21 A Ahmed Tobie  
22 A Khaled Tchoutang  

National Soccer Kit and Roster

Rugby :


Jersey Phys Tech 1/2 Off. Def. Total


2 2 2 4 2 12
Formule 1 :

La société Zerif est présente en Formule 1 à travers deux de ses départements, le département moteurs fera courir une Nato achetée au Jannaton. Le département aviation a développé son propre chassis.



Natou-Zerif Moteurs

Michel Laverdure Steve Tucson (PX16) Penelope Pitstop (PHX)
Hydravion de transport "Pélican" et monoplace de tourisme Zéphyr. La version armée du Zéphyr équipe l'escadron de la garde aérienne kobane.

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