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Mc Rae Bay

Mc Caulkin Castle

History :

The history of Thistland since the begining is full of mystery as there is no written testimony before the landing of Mauretanians the 16 of April 998 . This day the Legion Etrangère landed on the continent of Nuarmia and began to explore it. They annexed all the area that is now Thistland, keeping the 2 northern clans for Mauretanie and giving the rest to their Africablue vassals which had begun to trade extensively and establish colonists in the ten others. The Mauretanian rule was rather mild but at the end of the summer rumors of large scale colonisation by muslim Mauretanians began to unset the population. The enforcement of the tolerant "4 rules of God" was uneasy in a very traditionalistic oriented land where 3 clans are catholic and 9 presbyterians. So, undercover, moves were made to prepare a revolution.

The night of the 30 of October 998 , the Mc Leod clan raised against the Mauretanian occupation force. Peacefully all the citizens took the key public buildings, radios, televisions, post office and telephone buildings. Astonished by this daring coup, the Mauretanians did not dare to open fire on this unarmed mob and retired in their barracks.

The 31 of October, the McDougall raised in turn. There were fears that the 2 clans would clash as there is religious tension between them but instead, the old Angus Mc Leod and Duncan Mc Dougall fell in each other arms in a dramatic evening meeting and declared together independance of Western Mauretanie as the confederate clans of Thistland

The 1 of November, the government of Africablue opened negociation with the ten clans of its occupation zone.

The 3rd of November, a treaty was signed between the 12 clans, Maurétanie and Africablue giving full independance to Thistland.

The first years of Independance are plagued by a chronical state of wars on the border with Kalam.

La zone tampon de Babord s'est constitué petit à petit, et les forts provisoires qu'y avaient établi les colonnes attirent de plus en plus de nomades. Ces nomades, noirs de peau, mais vétus de kilt et parlant un dialecte gaélique sont considérés comme une sorte de 13ème clan, sans organisation pour le moment.

in May 1005 Thistland joins les Paisibles Nations Biophiles