Chefferie Libre du Niokolo Koba

par Casimir-Ibrahima Diatta

Free Chiefdom of Niokolo Koba

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Niokolo Koba is an country set in Alliance, a world created byPhilippe Bondurand

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Bienvenue au Niokolo Koba, sur cette page vous verrez un aperçu de notre nation. Visitez tout le site pour connaître tous les détails.

Niokolo Koba est membre des Paisibles Nations Biophiles

Religion : Niokolo Koba is entirely animist. Ancestors may inhabit every living being from grass or insects to elephants (chiefs and holy people are suppose to reincarnate in elephants). Complex religious cleansing ceremonies are held each time that a living being is trampled or killed, so religion takes a lot of time for Kobans.

: The Chief of Niokolo Koba, Ibrahima-Casimir Diatta, is entitled by the custom to represent the the people of Niokolo Koba in all international matters. Embassies from some countries have been established.

Cooperation : An appeal has been launched to all technological advenced nations of Alliance to launch development programs in Niokolo Koba. (plus sur la page Economie)

Population : The total population of Niokolo Koba numbers now a little more then 1 million people. Most live in small coastal agricultural and fishing towns.

Politics : The assembly of adult of the town rules the local public affairs. All decisions are taken by consensus so the talkings occupy a long time. Every Thursday is spend talking about local affairs under the greatest baobab of the town.Every 1st Friday of the month, each town send a representative to participate in the Cercle talkings. each Cercle comprizes up to a hundred of towns, there are 50 cercles in Niokolo Koba. Decisions are also taken by consensus

Every three months, each Cercle send 2 representative to Dianamalary, The capital of Niokolo Koba where they stay in the National Assembly room as long as they need to reach a consensus agreement about national affairs. If someone leaves the room, he cannot reenter. This measure had to be taken to shorten the discussions

.When the protectorate has been established, there were plans to implement direct democracy along Lendian or Phenixian exemple. But the resistance was heavy as people simply seem to love the long talkings. Now with Independance this project is postponed.

Type of Economy : Collectivist at the level of the town, agriculture and fishing, and large sectors of craftship are in the hands of town-ruled small entities. The agreement with Phenixia projects to implement more moderns productions by the way of joint-ventures between Phenixian societies ans Koban towns or Cercles.

Languages : Koban Dioula.
Money : 1 Sakk = 100 Balles, the great economic difference does not allow for a representative change rate.
National prefered sports : Traditional wrestling is far the most popular of the sports. Other sports are : Soccer,Rowing, Rugby is developping near former Phenixian settlements.

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National Anthem
: Yèk Yèk Yèk Niokolo Koba
Flags :
Green is for the forest coastland
Yellow is for the dry inland
Red is for the blood of the Koban people
The elephant represent the strength and the memory.

Armes :
The discussion on these has been postponed until Independance. Now they are as follows :
Military : The military system was too obsolete, so Koban have decided to stop any spendings in that field until further economic development will allow for the rebuilding of a defence force. Security is entrusted to Phenixia.

Right is the uniform of New Model Koban Army.

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