The "Nouvelle Sainte Alliance"

BEWARE ! The Sainte Alliance is an imaginary organisation of imagi-nations of Alliance.

The "Nouvelle Sainte Alliance" was signed May 10th, 1005 between :

Les Paisibles Nations Biophiles

La Communauté des Pays Amis

Le Saint Empire Alneae

It follows the goals of the former "Sainte Alliance", born in 998 between Maurétanie, Africablue, Phenixia, Niokolo Koba, Jannaton and Thistland.

These stated stating together :

In a far too materialist world, nations have to think about keeping pace with what is the true nature of Man. Man is not only a gathering of chemical cells with no other purpose then earthly pleasure and self preservation. Mankind is different because of its soul, its spirit, whatever we call it.

Therefore, we have decided the following :

* We shall together work for a future on Alliance Ringworld that understands better the true needs of Mankind.
* We will defend the freedom of belief, the freedom of speech and the religious tolerance.
* We will fight intolerance at all costs.
* We will assist each other in every occasion including militarily. Attack on one of us will be treated as an attack againt the Sainte Alliance.
* We will exchange all our knowledge about the psyche of Man, from scientific or religious source without any limit.

Together, our 7 Nations will brandish the light of human rights in front of economic pressure, religious or nationalist intolerance and all the forces of oppression.

The "Sainte Alliance" head is settled in Africablue in the town of Vélingara, 20 avenue Souleimane Sané

Joint Direction Comitee

Joint Comitee for Food and Refugies

Joint Comitee for Plans and Logistics

Joint Comitee for Faith and Thought Freedom

Investigation and Enforcement Agency

Joint Comitee for Cultural and Spiritual Education