Viva la Revolucion

intra Anliyaa !

The Proud Flag of The Revolution

Former flag of puppet government

Welcome to the newly redesigned homepage of the State of Angliyaa. The State of Angliyaa is a country part of Alliance

You can contact the revolutionary authorities here

Since october 297 AP, the country was ruled by absentee prime minister Alex Smith who let economy, sports and diplomcy of our beloved country in such a poor state that December the 2nd of 298 AP the people rose to recover the power. Elements of the armed forces led by Cdt Nelson da Silva joined the rioteers and decided to wear a black armband in order to show ther allegiance to the ideals of the revolucion.

Power to the people! Viva la Revolucion!

I have provided a table with the basic facts about our marvelous country located here.

The music you hear playing in the background is our beloved national anthem.

Here is more detailed information about our country.

We have a parliament consisting of The Upper House and The Lower House. The Upper House approves and passes laws, while the Lower House has the power to veto. Both Chambers are suspended for the duration of the Revolution.

Elections will be held December the 12th. 5 Main candidates are :

Communists Christian-Democrats Ecologists Social-Democrats Conservatives

Our currency is the Angliyaan Manda (AM$)

Our capital, Lagod, is located in the heart of the country. It is renowned the world over for fabulous skiing and cuisine. In the southeastern part of the country on the border with Ensolelhada is Aigador du Nord, a quaint little country town with many Solelhadan speakers.

The national motto of Angliyaa is a very simple one. "Viva la revolucion".

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