Commonwealth of Libra

Communeauté de Libra

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Bannière de Libra

The PersoNation of Frédéric H.


Libra is situated on Alliance, a Ring World. Its surface is about 100 250km².

Political Regime.

Libra is divided in 6 regions. Each region have a strong cultural identity.

Libra is a republic where Freedom is considered as the foremost value. Everybody is free to live as he wishes without distinction of language, religion, race, sex or sexual preferencies. Freedom goes with reponsablity, and every citizen is liable to respond from its acts if they hurt another citizen in whatever way.

The national Chief Conciliator (aka Conciliateur de Libra) is Frédéric H.

The institution of Conciliators have the purpose to settle disputes between citizens by means of reason, trying to find solution acceptable by both parties. They are 3 degrees of Conciliators : local, regional and national. The conciliators can call citizens for help in case force has to be used as a last resort. However no citizen can be forced to attend this gatherings of force, although most of them comply out of social pressure. Those who do not help the community without a good reason are set aside and it is not good for their business. Fortunately, the high degree of freedom allowed by our regime keeps the tension low.


The 6 Libré peoples are originally nomads. They have partly sedentarised recently and this process has been speeded up by a year long occupation by Merité. Merité rule varied greatly following the upheavals of intern politics. These continual changes upset the native Libré. Independance was achieved the "Glorious Thursday" : January 14th 999


Freedom of belief or of non belief is total. The conciliators ensure only that no religion tries to get new conversions by moral or physical pressure.


The population is : 102,500 inhabitants


Freedom of enterprise is total. But responsability means that no business can be owned by several people. There can be only one person responsible behind each activity. One of the prime export products is flowers.


There is no official language. Libré is widespread, it is related to Phenixian Argot.


The official money is the Gramme. It is convertible in a gramme of gold.


Cliquez sur le titre : Libres, fiers et égaux pour entendre la musique


Every possible kind of sports are practiced. Sport forms an integral part of education. Rare are the Libré citizens who do not practice at least one sport weekly. 10 Most popular sports are (by number of licensees) : Body-building, Wrestling, Rugby, Man'o' war, American Football, Soccer Football, Hand-Ball, Motorbike racing, Sumo, Athletics. Libra is also proud to hoist 3 F1 Constructors who have their own page.

Libra est aussi le principal sponsor del'équipe cyclistes des Rainbow Warriors.

The National Football kit

The Rugby Jersey of the National team

Enfin, quoique confidentielle, l'escrime de Libra possède des escrimeurs de niveau international. Ils sont regroupés à l'E.A.T. ; l'Ecole des Armes Traditionnelles, qui est attachée à l'étét-major militaire du Conciliateur.

Epée :

Nadine Bébaique
Sabre :

Mahmoud al Bahrini
Fleuret :

José-Luis del Tango
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Coat of Arms

No formal adopted yet. A bull's head is unofficially used on some public documents and embassy seals

Regional Flags

The national flags is representing the 6 regions of Libra. Each of these regions have a flag.


Pays Franc


La Pampa

Côte de l'Or

Grande Plaine


This is the map of Libré Regions.


Libra's Defense Force is based on the gathering of volunteers. There 3 status of soldiers.

Professionals are very few. They are mostly found in the most technical jobs.

Part-Timers occupy most of the qualified jobs. They usually work 20 hours a week for the Defense Force. Recently, a lot of them have find jobs in the private security companies.

Both these categories are compelled to answer the call to arms.

The third category is filled by all the citizens, male and women over 20. All these are supposed to answer the call to arms and to train 2 days each month. However this obligation comes purely from social pressure. There is no public enforcement to this. There are socially acceptable excuse for married women with children, disabled, people obviously more useful in their jobs then on the battlefield such as medics, disabled persons etc... People that not fulfill their obligations without excuses suffer from social boycott. In some cases, even the baker refuses to sell them bread.

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